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This release includes new features and changes across this site, as well as Well-Architected, Diagrams, and Decision Guides.

We prioritized work based on feedback we heard from you. Thank you for making our tools and content more accurate and useful.

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We've introduced new features that generally apply to this site, including:


We've made several updates, based on feedback from experts and users throughout the ecosystem, and guidance from Salesforce product and engineering teams.

Thank you to all of our contributors!


We made updates throughout the framework including:

A visual summary of notable changes:

Diagram of the July 2023 framework structure with icons indicating areas of change occurred within Easy and Adaptable

The most notable changes are within Easy.

We updated the name of the first topic from Simple to Intentional to better clarify the focus of the content. We updated the name of the Strategy discussion the within the Intentional topic (the section was called Intentionality) to make the content clearer. We moved this discussion to the first priority order within the section. We also moved the discussion of Prioritization into the Strategy section. This discussion was formerly in Automated (the section formerly called Alignment to Business Value). Within Automated, we moved the discussion of KPIs into the Efficiency section. We removed the section called "Align to Business Value," as the content is now part of Strategy and Efficency (as explained).

Within Adaptable, we moved Application Lifecycle Management into first priority order. We also merged the guidance around scale testing (formerly in Scalability) to be aligned with the overall Testing Strategy discussion.

Other changes include minor edits to names of individual topics for clarity.

More detail about all of the changes made across Well-Architected in the sections below.


Updated section name: Use of Encryption (was Encryption)

Updated Apex guidance in Organizational Security Patterns and Anti-Patterns including:

Updated guidance in Threat Detection and Response for Field History and Field Audit Tracking functionality


Updated section names:

Removed "Scale Testing" section and merged guidance into Testing Strategy.

Updated guidance in Performance Patterns and Anti-Patterns including:

Updated guidance in Scalability Patterns and Anti-Patterns to address bulk data loads.

Intentional (formerly Simple)

We've updated the name of this behavior to be clearer. We moved the Strategy (formerly Intentionality) discussion to be the highest priority topic. We moved the guidance around prioritization into the Strategy section.

Other changes include:


Updated section name: Efficiency (was Logic)


Reprioritized order of considerations to: Application Lifecycle Management, Environment Strategy, Incident Response (was Incident Response, Environment Strategy, Application Lifecycle Management)

We updated the discussion around how to choose the most stable release mechanism possible in Release Management to reflect DevOps Center availability and changes to the Salesforce CLI.

Salesforce Diagrams

Within the Template Gallery:

The following diagrams have also been updated this month:

Architect Decision Guides

We've updated the following Guides, including added roadmap projections through June 2024.

Building Forms

This release adds OmniStudio capabilities into this Guide. Notable changes include:

Record-Triggered Automation

Notable changes include: