Diagram showing Salesforce Well-Architected core capabilities are Trusted, Easy, Adaptable

Salesforce Well-Architected shows you what health looks like and where to spend your time roadmapping and designing solutions with the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform. It shares prescriptive guidance and examples of patterns and anti-patterns to look for in your landscape, based on knowledge from product teams and implementation experts throughout Salesforce and our ecosystem. Salesforce Well-Architected is organized to help you build solutions that are Trusted, Easy, and Adaptable.

Trusted solutions protect stakeholders.
Easy solutions deliver value fast.
Adaptable solutions evolve with the business.

Salesforce Well-Architected is designed to help you step through the architectural thinking required to build healthy solutions on the Customer 360 Platform.

A unique challenge for architects creating solutions with Salesforce is the fundamental flexibility of the platform. One solution might extend a pre-built solution offered by Salesforce (i.e. Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, different Industries Cloud verticals). Another solution might be a completely custom application. What you can do with Salesforce is broad and deep, and the specific technology choices that best suit your implementation will depend on business needs. It can be tremendously difficult to know what will create the best chance of long-term health for every possible Salesforce solution.

Salesforce Well-Architected gives you insights and guidance from highly experienced architects as you need it. You can use the opinionated views and recommendations to validate (or challenge) your thinking, and gain insight into areas of consideration or technology that may be new to you.

It can also be difficult to understand if there are architectural benchmarks common to all healthy solutions, given the wide variety across implementations. At Salesforce, everything we do as a company and as people is guided by our core values. We believe this can also apply to architecture. That is why Salesforce Well-Architected is built around a core of Trusted, Easy, and Adaptable. As you evaluate complex architectural details and trade-offs, you can return to these core capabilities and use them as compass points to guide your decision making.

Below, you’ll find details about individual topics to explore across our Trusted, Easy and Adaptable framework.

How Topics Are Arranged

We use two levels to organize information throughout Salesforce Well-Architected. The top level is what well-architected solutions should be: Trusted, Easy, and Adaptable. The second level goes into more detail about considerations, patterns to build (or anti-patterns to avoid) and prescriptive guidance related to specific aspects of Trusted, Easy and Adaptable solutions. Aligning your designs with the guidance provided throughout this framework should drive higher quality and longer lasting health in your Salesforce Customer 360 applications.

Below, you can see an overview of how topics are arranged:

A trusted solution protects your business and stakeholders.
Secure Compliant Reliable
Organizational Security
Session Security
Data Security
Legal Adherence
Ethical Standards
An easy solution delivers business value fast.
Intentional Automated Engaging
Data Integrity
An adaptable solution evolves with your business.
Resilient Composable
Application Lifecycle Management
Incident Response
Continuity Planning
Separation of Concerns