What's new

This release includes new features and content to the Well-Architected Framework and the Pattern & Anti-Pattern Explorer🎉.

These new enhancements, while small, are a first step in a larger effort to bring Data Cloud and Einstein into the Well-Architected Framework and to enhance the usability of our tools.

Please continue to tell us what you think.

Well-Architected Framework

We released 50+ new patterns and anti-patterns for Data Cloud and Einstein. You’ll be able to find this new content by navigating to the Pattern & Anti-Pattern Explorer where you can filter for the Location of either Data Cloud or Generative AI. The group of experts who helped with this release will continue to identify new guidance and iterate on our backlog of guidance for publication on architect.salesforce.com leading up to Dreamforce.

Framework White Papers

We updated each of the Well-Architected white papers to with a link to the Pattern & Anti-Pattern Explorer for a complete list of patterns & anti-patterns for each dimension. We are in the process of updating the way the pattern & anti-pattern table is surfaced in the white papers. Until we release the new tables, the existing HTML tables will remain static.

Pattern and Anti-Pattern Explorer

We made updates and bug fixes to the Pattern and Anti-Pattern including: