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Monitoring is a critical piece of the self-service model as it allows IT and administrators to understand how data is being used and be proactive and responsive about usage, performance, data connectivity, and refresh failures. Depending on your company’s database standards, IT will use a combination of tools and job schedulers for ingesting and monitoring raw data and server health.

Key Considerations for Monitoring & Management

Implementation Details

Just as business users leverage data to make smarter decisions, administrators are also empowered to make data-driven decisions about their Tableau deployment. With Tableau Server’s default administrative views and custom administrative views, Tableau Server and Site Administrators will use default administrative views for monitoring the status of extract refreshes, data source utilization, and delivery of subscriptions and alerts. Custom administrative views are created from Tableau Server's repository data. In Tableau Online, Site Administrators have access to Monitor Site ActivityOpen link in new window with default administrative views and can Use Admin Insights to Create Custom ViewsOpen link in new window. For more information, see Tableau MonitoringOpen link in new window and the Measurement of Tableau User Engagement and AdoptionOpen link in new window.

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