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Enrichment and preparation include the processes used to enhance, refine, or prepare raw data for analysis. Often a single data source does not answer all the questions a user may have. Adding data from different sources adds valuable context. You likely already have ETL processes to clean, combine, aggregate, and store data when ingesting raw data from various sources. With command-line interfaces and APIs, Tableau can be integrated with your existing processes.

Key Considerations

Implementation Details

For self-service data preparation, Tableau Prep Builder and Tableau Prep Conductor, should be used to combine multiple sources of data and automate on a schedule. Tableau Prep has multiple output types to Tableau Server or Tableau Online, including CSV, Hyper, and TDE, or Published Data Sources. Beginning with 2020.3, Tableau Prep outputs include database tables, where the result of a flow can be saved to a table in a relational database. This means that prepped data from Tableau Prep Builder can be stored and governed in a central location and leveraged throughout your organization. Tableau Prep Builder is part of the Tableau Creator license, while Tableau Prep Conductor is part of the Tableau Data Management Add-On. Tableau Data Management helps you better manage the data within your analytics environment from data preparation to cataloging, search, and governance, ensuring that trusted and up-to-date data is always used to drive decisions.

With visual, smart, direct feedback at every step, Tableau Prep Builder will help users to prototype and prepare disparate sources of data for analysis. Once the steps are defined and verified, the flow should be published to Tableau Server and Tableau Online where Prep Conductor will execute the flow and output a Published Data Source on the specified schedule. Automation creates a consistent process, reduces error-prone manual steps, tracks success/failure, and saves time. Users will have confidence in the output because the steps can be viewed on Tableau Server or Tableau Online.

Tableau Prep Flow

Tableau Prep Flow in Tableau Server or Tableau Online

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For additional detail, review the Tableau Blueprint and information included in Tableau Governance.