Travel & Hospitality Loyalty Management Capability Map

Context and Usage

This diagram details business capabilities for a loyalty management solution with high-level product positioning in layers powered by the Salesforce Customer 360. It doesn’t list all possible systems or capabilities.

The top layer communicates the customer channels that enable marketing, commerce, engagement, and service capabilities.

At the Loyalty Management layer, you can see these three capabilities of the solution powered by the Loyalty Management Cloud which includes an industry specific data model and pre-built processes.

The integration layer is powered by MuleSoft and orchestrates how data gets in and out the platform via APIs and connector.

The bottom layer highlights industry specific systems of record along. These external data sources include contextual data from external supplier and partner ecosystem data sources such as behavioral, sentiment, location, and social data points. Travel & Hospitality industry systems of record include:

This is a Level 1 Marketing, Strategy, and Sales diagram according to the Salesforce diagram framework.