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Pattern Overview

There is a difference between someone who books hotel and spa together one time and someone who books spa along with their room reservation continually or is a regular guest. As such, we do not want to segment on just those that made a room and spa reservation, but rather those that have booked them together and have a loyal affinity that the brand has defined.

  1. Capture the order. This could be digitally or in-store, but it's important design trusted multi-channel experiences
  2. Update loyalty tiers and points based on defined programs
  3. Move data to Salesforce CDP (Loyalty, Contacts, Orders, etc)
  4. Segment on the specific hotel/spa reservations and high valued loyalty member.

Successful loyalty programs focus on increasing the value of the segmentation which enhances the customer experiences and increases your marketing ROI.

This is a Level 3 Marketing, Strategy, and Sales diagram according to the Salesforce diagram framework.

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