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Context and Usage

The Salesforce B2C architecture runs on three highly scalable platforms: Salesforce, Commerce, and Marketing.

Connectors enable the connectivity that allows cross-cloud actions required to support sophisticated use cases such as handling abandoned carts and personalized marketing recommendations. Connectors useful to retail include Marketing Connector, Marketing Cloud Connect, Service Connector, Distributed Marketing, Social Customer Service, and Heroku Connect.

Customer 360 Data Manager helps your organization identify records that represent the same person in different platforms, even when records don’t exactly match. It aggregates all known data about a single person into a collection, called a Global Profile, and assigns the profile a Global Party ID (GPID). The ability to identify a person across different clouds is key to crafting a successful cross-cloud experience for your customers.

Various key use cases can be implemented by using Connectors and Customer 360 Data Manager together.

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For additional detail, review the solution architecture diagrams and information included in the Transfrom the Consumer ExperienceOpen link in new window Customer 360 Guide for retail.