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Context and Usage

The diagram provides a product-agnostic overview of key business capabilities common to most B2C retailers. The industry blueprint diagrams the end-to-end retail process, from customer acquisition to analytics and optimization.

The typical lifecycle of a customer relationship in retail can be organized into seven major business processes. Each major process is made up of four sub-processes that together fulfill a business need for one stage of the cycle.

Capabilities can be grouped into four areas: Meet Shoppers Where They Are, Build the Workforce of the Future, Power Innovation with Data & Insights, and Optimize Business Relationships. These are the business needs that must be satisfied at each stage of the life cycle for the retailer to achieve business success.

For example, a retailer must have certain capabilities already in place before a customer can place an online order.

Platform Enablers and API and Data Sources are common across all lifecycle stages and business processes. Use platform enablers, APIs, and data sources as a baseline of functionality to support tailored solutions.

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For additional detail, review the industry blueprint and information included in Transform the Consumer ExperienceOpen link in new window, a Customer 360 Guide for retail.