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Context and Usage

The diagram provides a product-agnostic overview of key business capabilities common to most B2C retailers. The industry blueprint diagrams the end-to-end retail process, from customer acquisition to analytics and optimization.

The typical lifecycle of a customer relationship in retail can be organized into seven major business processes. Each major process is made up of five sub-processes that together fulfill a business need for one stage of the cycle.

Capabilities can be grouped into five areas: Drive Agility with Data and Analytics, Transform Business Relationships, Acquire and Engage Loyal Customers, Meet Shoppers Where They Are, and Reimagine the Role of the Store and Associate. These are the business needs that must be satisfied at each stage of the life cycle for the retailer to achieve business success.

For example, a retailer must have certain capabilities already in place before a customer can place an online order.

Platform Enablers and API and Data Sources are common across all lifecycle stages and business processes. Use platform enablers, APIs, and data sources as a baseline of functionality to support tailored solutions.

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For additional detail, review the industry blueprint and information included in the Customer 360 Guide for Retail.