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Context and Usage

This process diagram shows time-based interactions involved in the end-to-end flow of information from customer interactions on the Experience Cloud site to back-end automation in Marketing Cloud and Slack. Mulesoft orchestrates integrations to back-end systems, Slack connects everyone on the team, and Marketing Cloud closes the loop with the customer journey. The customer personalization steps detailed in this diagrams are:

1: Customer interactions are sent from Experience Cloud to Interaction Studio.
2: Real-time interaction management with Einstein Decisions and Einstein Recipes drives a personalized shopping experience on Experience Cloud.
3: The Salesforce Customer Data Platform collects & unifies data streams from Interaction Studio and other external systems.
4: Salesforce Flow triggers automation to put customers on a journey in Marketing Cloud.
5,6: Salesforce Flow triggers integrations with external systems through Mulesoft.
7,8: Flow sends messages and information to Slack for real-time collaboration.

This is a Level 3 Marketing, Strategy, and Sales diagram according to the Salesforce diagram framework.