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Context and Usage

The industry blueprint describes the end-to-end consumer goods customer lifecycle.

The typical lifecycle of a consumer goods customer relationship has five process groups: Enable Agile Operations, Integrate the Route to Market, Cultivate Loyal Consumers, Connect the Customer Experience, and Empower the Connected Employee. Each major process group contains a number of business processes that together fulfill a business need or industry imperative.

Salesforce partners with independent software vendors (ISVs) and consultants to extend platform capabilities that suit business processes. Other industry-specific integrations and complete solutions are important in a typical business context.

Platform Enablers, API, and Data Sources are common across all lifecycle stages and business processes. Use platform enablers, APIs, and data sources as a baseline of functionality to support tailored solutions.

Learn More

For additional detail, review the consumer goods industry blueprint and information included in the Customer 360 Guide for Consumer Goods, or contact your success manager or account team.