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Context and Usage

Salesforce provides configurable product solutions that support a manufacturer’s ability to effectively engage their customers and partners. The reference architecture helps communicate the vision and strategy of a solution to business executives and stakeholders. This reference architecture is specific to discrete manufacturers, but may be generalized to build understanding for other B2B businsses.

Conceptualize business success in each of three categories of capabilities: Foundational, Platform, and Functional. This reference architecture presents Platform and Functional capabilities. Each layer contains a representative subset of systems or capabilities that are most relevant for Discrete Manufacturers. It doesn’t list all possible systems or capabilities.

Platform Capabilities

These components form the underlying technology base for achieving your goals. Each layer in the platform builds on top of the next. B2B systems typically rely on these elements. Platform capabilies include data sources, integrations, intelligence, and analytics. Specific Salesforce products handle each of the needs identified at the platform capability level.

Functional Capabilities

Business-specific elements at the functional capabilities level are connected more directly to the customer’s experience and measured in terms of maturity. Successful implementation of functional capabilities depends heavily on implementation of the platform capabilities.

Learn More

For additional detail, review the reference architecture diagrams and information included in the Customer 360 Guide for Discrete Manufacturing.